What You Need to Know

Local Preference

TRACE and The Associated General Contractors of Northwest Ohio initiated efforts to help local businesses by researching Local Preference initiatives in Ohio and working to support local businesses by encouraging legislative action in the City of Toledo. The resulting Ordinance, passed unanimously by City Council on May 14, 2013 is in effect to help all local businesses, giving preference in affording local and county businesses a competitive advantage when bidding on City Contracts.   A copy of the complete ordinance can be accessed by downloading the file below and the Summary/Background explanation of the Ordinance follows.


The City of Toledo has a responsibility to work with and support private enterprise to foster and advance maximum employment opportunities for the residents of Toledo and Lucas County.  The City also has a responsibility to encourage the growth of local businesses.  Both of these ends not only benefit the local economy, but also generate additional tax revenue for the City.  The benefits of those revenues extend to the population at large.  With the gradual decline of that population in the past two decades, and the uncertainties continually facing the local economy, the importance of these steps has increased.  The City of Toledo has therefore, when possible, used the funds it expends in a manner that will have the greatest local economic input by keeping money in the area.

Enhancing the local preference components will serve the public interest because the growth and development of local and county businesses will have a significant positive impact on the economic health of the City.  The public interest would be served by encouraging businesses to locate and remain in Toledo and in Lucas County by adding a preference for County businesses in the award of City contracts.  This addition will also serve the goal of rewarding those businesses that contribute the most to the local economy.  The preference, in affording local and county businesses a competitive advantage when bidding on City contracts, does not exclude any potential contractor.

Formal bids and Request for Proposals will continue to be awarded based upon a determination of the "lowest and best" bidder.  These considerations will also help foster full employment and encourage local growth.

Local Preference Legislation for The City of Toledo